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Subsidised Ecodriving Training

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Ecodriving is a driving style that reduces fuel bills, cuts carbon emissions and lowers accident rates. The techniques taught are straightforward and subsidised training is available for all business drivers.

An effective way to see immediate results, Ecodriving training delivers average fuel savings of 15 per cent on the day of training and up to 6 per cent in the long-term for fleets. Over 25,000 drivers have been trained through the scheme since 2014.

Ecodriving Training

Energy Saving Trust’s subsidised Ecodriving training for fleets is provided by training companies in England and based on extensive research into the technical and behavioural aspects of reducing fuel consumption.  The scheme covers cars and vans.

If you're based in Scotland, you can see details of our related programme.

Ecodriving training

Benefits of Ecodriving include:

  • reduced fuel consumption and carbon emissions
  • increased MPG by up to 15 per cent
  • reduced risk of vehicle accidents
  • lower risk of vehicle wear and tear
  • opportunities to demonstrate your commitment to the environment.

It worth emphasising that Ecodriving is not about sacrificing performance and enjoyment for the sake of doing the right thing. It is about a more professional approach and becoming a better driver.

As the training promotes road awareness and smooth vehicle handling, it can result in less wear and tear on vehicles and fewer accidents.

For more information, see our best practice guide on fuel efficient driving techniques for fleets.

Find the right training for your organisation

Subsidised training is available directly from approved training companies and independent trainers. All training is delivered by DVSA-registered fleet trainers who have attended one of our Ecodriving 'train-the-trainer' courses. 


With a wide variety of training available, you can choose a format that suits your needs. Courses vary in their length and some focus purely on Ecodriving while others incorporate other aspects of safety. Training suppliers also range from large national companies to smaller regional companies and independent trainers.


British Gas

After launching a dedicated training programme for young drivers, British Gas have seen a remarkable fall in collision rates, a drop in fuel use and saved millions on repair costs – while improving the safety of its employees and other road users.


Ecodriving is business as usual for Carlsberg. It has also invested in telematics to engage and empower drivers to improve their performance. Between 2011 and 2016, Carlsberg saved over 502,000 litres of fuel and 1,356 tonnes of CO2.

Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare

Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare run over 100 vehicles transporting care equipment and products. Following EST’s review, they invested in driver training and vehicle technology to monitor mileage and driver performance.

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