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Fleet support

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We offer in-depth support to suit your organisation's requirements.

We engage with organisations across a range of sectors, providing expert assessment of fleet vehicles and sustainable business transport processes to help organisations make financial and environmental savings. With funding provided by the Department for Transport (DfT) our services are provided at no cost to you.

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Fleet support

Our fleet support could save your fleet up to £145,000 and 235 tonnes of carbon dioxide every year*. Our consultancy follows a simple process based on an understanding of your organisation’s needs:

  1. An initial meeting with an Energy Saving Trust transport consultant to understand your needs and objectives, as well as current fleet infrastructure, processes and costs.
  2. We will carry out a full analysis of your fleet’s data and produce our recommendations in an in-depth report.
  3. Your consultant will then present our recommendations to you to allow you to fully discuss these and ask any questions you may have.
  4. You may qualify for additional support to help implement any recommendations.
  5. Your consultant will follow up with you after 6 and 12 months to review progress and see what additional help and advice they may be able to offer.


For more information, download the factsheet

*based on clients between 2013-15. Carbon dioxide savings include other green house gases (CO2e).

Private sector organisations

1. Green Fleet Reviews - available for SMEs in England with a fleet size of between 20-100 vehicles and for vehicles up to 3.5t. For more information on this review download the factsheet. Designed to help you improve the sustainability of your fleet, we will calculate your current carbon footprint and make recommendations enabling you to:   

  • improve your fleet’s fuel and mileage management
  • reduce and control grey fleet usage
  • review car and driver policies and compare against best practice
  • optimise the use of fuel efficient, clean vehicles using whole-life cost analysis
  • affect driver behaviour change.

2. Ultra-Low Emission Vehicles (ULEV) Reviews – available for any company considering using, or expanding use of, ULEVs within their fleet. For more information, download the factsheet.

  • identify where ULEVs would be operationally feasible in your fleet
  • deliver up-to-date information on the range of makes and models in the ULEV market and suitability of different vehicles
  • assess the costs of the vehicle options using a Whole Life Cost approach; comparing with conventionally fuelled vehicles to develop the business case for ULEV adoption
  • provide support to arrange site surveys and specialist advice on  charging infrastructure installation
  • help to successfully integrate ULEVs in fleet through driver training and engagement.


3. Air Quality Fleet Review - available to any business or organisation looking to better understand the implications of Clean Air Zones and the London Ultra Low Emission Zone to their fleet. Available to fleets of up to 200 vehicles. For more information, download the factsheet.

  • implications of poor air quality and the need for change
  • analysis of vehicles in fleet and their Euro emissions status
  • the implications of this relating to local CAZ/ULEZ areas
  • national CAZ/ULEZ status – what are the requirements, where are they?
  • Outline options for achieving CAZ compliance by vehicle type.

For larger fleets the report will also include:

  • Carbon footprint of the fleet
  • Fleet profile (car/van split, fuel type split)
  • Key recommendations for energy consumption/emission reduction
  • Summary of possible carbon/financial savings.


4. Grey Fleet Review - available to any organisation in England looking to reduce their grey fleet. For more information, download the factsheet.

  • A profile of the vehicles being used as grey fleet
  • A travel hierarchy – what this is and how it can be used
  • Identifying potential alternatives to grey fleet such as public transport, walking, cycling or car clubs
  • Health & Safety and duty of care implications
  • Advice on the correct use of pool cars or daily hire and car clubs to minimise grey fleet
  • Recommendations for any remaining grey fleet
  • Possible financial and emission savings.

Public sector organisations

Fleet consultancy support is available for public sector organisations in a number of areas. Organisations can receive a Green Fleet Review, ULEV Review or Clean Air Fleet Review depending on their needs and objectives.

How to apply

To apply for free of charge fleet consultancy funded by DfT, please fill in an application form (Private sector or Public sector) and email or call 020 7222 0101 and ask to speak to a member of the Transport team.

We are also able to offer various other forms of fleet consultancy on a paid for basis.

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Fleet Heroes Awards

The Fleet Heroes Awards & Conference celebrate organisations who are delivering a cleaner and more efficient future for transport.

The event brings together transport experts, business and government to discuss and celebrate fleet sustainability and innovation, low emission vehicles and air quality.

Thank you to all those who attended Fleet Heroes Awards & Conference 2018, and information regarding the 2019 event will be released soon.


Visit the Fleet Heroes website and follow #FleetHeroes to get the latest news.

Fleet Heroes all winners and high commended

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Fleet Briefings and Webinars  

You can keep up-to-date with the latest developments in sustainable business transport and news about our projects, webinars and newly published best practice guides by signing up to our monthly Fleet Briefing newsletter

Watch transport webinars

Listen to our transport experts discuss key topics and interact with your questions, via our regular webinars.

Recordings of our previous webinars are available to watch now: 

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Case studies and next steps


Z-Tech provides intelligent engineering solutions, and have taken on the challenge of reducing their fleet’s CO2 emissions and improving the sustainability of their fleet through the adoption of ultra low emissions vehicles.

University of Cumbria

The University of Cumbria's focus was to manage the the costs of ageing vehicles with low mileage, and reduce carbon emissions and air pollution on campus.

Leeds City Council

Leeds City Council has invested significantly in ultra low emission vehicles, following comprehensive fleet reviews and the installation on-site and home chargepoints.

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