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Running a car is usually the second biggest household expense but there are many ways we can help you reduce your costs including: 

  • Helping you increase your MPG (miles per gallon) with fuel efficient driving tips 
  • Impartial advice about which cars cost less to run, if you’re buying a new car
  • Information about alternatives to driving and how to plan low-cost journeys
  • Help deciding if an electric car (or EV) is right for you and what funding is available to support you making the switch.

Get in touch with us for free by calling our friendly advisors at Home Energy Scotland on 0808 808 2282, or requesting a call back

Looking to save fuel?

  • Follow our fuel efficient driving tips to save fuel and lower your carbon emissions. Driving fuel efficiently also means less risk of accident and less wear and tear on tyres, brakes and clutches
  • Learn to drive more efficiently to reduce your transport costs and carbon emissions. Take a look at our FuelGood driver training for information or to find a supplier. 
  • Could you car share, cycle or use public transport? Get from A-B using less carbon with our expert journey planning advice
  • Use our Buying a Fuel Efficient Vehicle tool to discover different makes and models to find out which is more efficient. 

Considering switching to electric? 

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