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The Foundation

Accelerating the growth and effectiveness of community energy

Energy is central to our lives yet most of us do not have control over where it comes from and how much it costs us.

But community energy doesn’t just happen; in many cases it’s born out of a small group of inspiring pioneers who overcome great obstacles in order to reap rewards.

It can be the result of years of campaigning, planning, consultation and fundraising. In spite of great achievements, these are often not consolidated or communicated in such a way that others can learn from them, and build on them for the future.

There are estimated to be five thousand community groups scattered across the UK engaged with energy at different stages of their evolution.

We have set up Britain’s first energy research foundation to drive research, knowledge and insight into what community energy could mean for all our futures.

With so much discussion about communities and localisation, the Foundation aims to lead the way in understanding not only what community energy is about but what works and why. We want to work with interested partners to build our collective knowledge of what the future could look like.

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